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    Willi (Freitag, 11 April 2014 14:15)

    Lieber Rita und lieber Rudi, beim Lesen Eurer Reisebeschreibung (Todesstrecke und Erdrutsche) bekomme ich sogar zuhause am PC Gänseschauer über Euren Wagemut! Viel Glück und vor allem Gesundheit auch weiterhin! Von Herzen - Willi

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    Annette (Sonntag, 02 Februar 2014 19:02)

    Lovely photos. We must have been doing the tourist attractions in in Quito at the same time. I look forward to seeing your Galapagos photos.

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    Jason Wynn (Mittwoch, 17 April 2013 22:50)

    Found your website through our neighbor in Santa Cruz, CA. My wife and I are young full time RV travelers in North America, and next year we plan to go international. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog. Safe Travels.

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    Ixtaln Friends Hernan & Gabriel (Dienstag, 09 Oktober 2012 16:47)

    Yesterday we see your truck parked in Soriana's Superstore in Ixtlan del Rio Nayarit Mexico, your big truck make us pay attention because you have Germany plate. If you have a chance visit the Ceboruco Vulcano in Jala Nayarit (10 miles from Ixtlan) you can climb to the top whit your truck and see the steam fumaroles from the live Volcano crater. if you need any help email me: gaguirremorales@hotmail.com

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    André Roy (Dienstag, 07 Februar 2012 00:39)

    We are from Québec city, we will follow you all time ever.... Safe travel and good time
    Saw you in San Diego jan 2011....

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    Gene Cupp (Mittwoch, 25 Januar 2012 15:15)

    I saw your rig at Devils Tower in September. It takes courage to take off on a trip like yours.

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    Tom McFarling (Dienstag, 15 November 2011 17:56)

    Stopped along old Rte. 66 in Arizona to talk to you briefly. We were driving the white van with the canoe on top. We'll follow your travels.


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    Paul Avery (Montag, 14 November 2011 06:15)

    You must celebrate Thanksgiving properly while you are in the USA. I hope an American family will invite you to join them for the traditional meal - it is a very good experience.


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    Paul Avery (Dienstag, 01 November 2011 15:33)

    I am glad that you have been to the Taos Pueblo and have explored the beautiful area of Northern New Mexico. The photographs are spectacular - you were lucky to find such dramatic clouds for your images. I hope you captured at least 5000 shots there - that lighting does not happen very often.

    Best wishes for the rest of your journey,


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    Denny and Linda Hohn (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 05:52)

    We were parked next to you at Crooked Creek in South dakota. I too the info off the side of your unit. I'm really glad I did it is very interesting reading. If your tours take you to southwest minnesota, please look us up. We are in Adrian, Mn. good luck and happy traveling. Denny

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    Paul Avery (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 01:33)

    Rudi and Rita - here are some photos of your expedition vehicle in Estes Park, Colorado today.

    Best wishes for the rest of your journey,


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    Joshua Bradley (Montag, 26 September 2011 15:17)

    Was on vacation in S.D. at crooked creek saw the car there. Was one of the groups in a tent. Nice car

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    Dave Hammett (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 04:16)

    I saw you in the parking lot of the Cody, Woming Walmart.
    What a wonderful vehicle and adventure. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Michael Keys (Samstag, 17 September 2011 03:48)

    I see you parked 1 block form our home. Very nice ride you have. Very fun tour you are on? Have you tried Red Lodge Ales yet? German style beer that is very good.

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    Debbie & Clint Deshotel (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 07:22)

    Hello, hope you back is better, saw you in Glacier Park yesterday, wanted to stop and say hello but snapped a few pics, of your awesome rig, you guys are the kewlest ever, hope you are enjoying big sky country, next time we see you, we will introduce ourselves. Debbie, Clint, Jr & Dalton Deshotel

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    Jose M. y Chary desde Barcelona. (Montag, 05 September 2011 19:17)

    Hola Rita y Rudy, que envidia me dais con este ultimo viaje por Washinton y Oregon algun dia quiero hacerlo.
    Espero nos podamos ver a primeros de octubre en Alemania,
    no? nos gustaria mucho veros,
    Un abrazo. Chary y Jose M. Pie

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    Richard (Sonntag, 14 August 2011 23:43)

    My Wife and I saw your truck at Mt. Saint Helens National Monument and fell in love with it. I hope you liked Washington and Oregon. Safe travels!

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    Walker Hall (Dienstag, 26 Juli 2011 04:39)

    I talked to you briefly at the Manzanita Lake Campground in Lassen Volcanic National Park. What a fantastic voyage you are on. Thanks for taking the time to explain what you were doing.

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    Henry & Kathy from SoCal (Freitag, 22 Juli 2011 18:03)

    Pulled into the Bumpass Hell parking area at Lassen Volcanic National Park on Tuesday, July 19, 2011, for a picnic lunch and view of the valley and saw your vehicle. You might have been off hiking on the trail. We drive a Mercedes Sprinter camper van converted by Sportsmobile in Fresno, California.

    Isn't it lovely to see the sights in a traveling home!

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    Sylwia and Mirek from Poland (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 04:34)

    We saw you at park in Pleasanton, in San Francisco area... Pretty nice stuff... The only we met in California... Next time would like to shift to the same... That is dream... Congratulations!

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    Dick & Katie (Montag, 09 Mai 2011 00:02)

    We saw you in Prescott Az and Pine Lawn RV Park - some rig - with that "Big Bug Guard"- Hope you enjoy your stay in Az and at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon- Have a safe journey!!

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    Don Abbott (Donnerstag, 28 April 2011 16:16)

    I am the father of Jim who is renting your apartment in Germany. He sent me your very interesting web site. It looks like you are having a great trip.

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    Arturo Rodríguez (Freitag, 15 April 2011 07:24)

    It´s a pity that you have not planned to visit de Basque Country, here you have a friend.

    All the best for you and your wife

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    Dr. Mace (Donnerstag, 17 Februar 2011 16:35)

    Quite a truck you have - Fits right in here in Texas where "everything's bigger". Enjoy Rockport - if you can, make time to see the endangered Whooping Cranes at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. There is also great kayak fishing in this area.

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    Peter Bengtson (Donnerstag, 27 Januar 2011 21:48)

    I saw your truck at Whitewater Draw on Jan. 25. Hope you enjoyed seeing all the Sandhill Cranes. I checked out your website and enjoyed reading about your tour. Have a great time!

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    Ben (Sonntag, 16 Januar 2011 00:45)

    I saw your truck in Tucson, AZ, USA. I then looked up "Menrad's on Tour" to find out what the truck is for. I'm a 30-year old guy, but I love trucks, like a child. Awesome looking truck. You folks must be having a blast! How long are you in Tucson for?

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    Steven Robins (Dienstag, 28 Dezember 2010 19:17)

    (Joshua Tree, Ca.December, 2010)
    Rudi, I spoke with you briefly at your campsite. It was interesting to hear of your adventure. It takes a special type of person to do what you and Rita are doing. My wife and I wish you the best and will follow your progesss. I hope to stay in contact with you.

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    Scott Lytle (Donnerstag, 09 Dezember 2010)

    Just saw your vehicle being serviced at the Les Schwab in Livermore, CA. USA. Was working, so I didn't get chance to meet you. Hope your ongoing journey is filled with joy and continued adventure. Godspeed...

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    Michele Bell (Mittwoch, 03 November 2010 03:18)

    Hi-As my husband and I were taking our weekly walk along the path at Seacliff-we saw your AMAZING vehicle. I wrote down your website and looked at your travels-you are very lucky. You are also experiecing some of the best fall weather we've had in weeks in Aptos, CA May God bless your remaining journeys.

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    Evelyn & Terry Drew (Dienstag, 02 November 2010 01:05)

    Looks like we put our email inthe wrong place!

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    Mark Chidlaw (Montag, 01 November 2010 14:53)

    Hi Rudi and Rita -
    I enjoyed meeting you (and your amazing "camper") and chatting a bit with Rudi at the Pork Rally on the Mokelumne River 2 weeks ago.
    I got home to Bend from my 2-week vacation on the east side of the Sierras a couple of days ago, which was nice, but...I wish I was on YOUR schedule!
    - Mark (the guy with the walnut pies)

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    Craig Ruth (Montag, 18 Oktober 2010 02:00)

    Was nice meeting you at the xp/wtw rally. I'll be following your travels online.

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    Jacqueline. Ball (Donnerstag, 14 Oktober 2010 03:46)

    Hello! I am a volunteer from Sutters Fort in Sacramento. We are camped in the grass across from your rig. Please join us for dessert at 9 pm tonight if you are still up. CHEERS! Jacqueline

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    Sharon Russell (Dienstag, 05 Oktober 2010 04:30)

    I am sorry I missed you today at Fred Myers in Bend. I was so excited to see your vehicle and maybe talk with you. My husband Steve and I have a 1981 DAF truck with container we bought from a Dutch couple who were traveling here in the US. We just returned from a trip to Canada, Yukon, NW Territories, Alberta and B.C. and Alaska. We tried to find as many dirt and gravel roads as possible. There were quite a few.We hope to make it to South America sometime and perhaps our paths will cross again. We love your blog and send wishes of good health and safe travels onward.

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    stephen and sharon russell (Montag, 04 Oktober 2010 22:55)

    sent you email. our Michelin 14.00 R20 XZL also shows wear on outside edges of front tires. we have been told,per our email, this is caused by the soft tire rolling "under" or folding under during turns...not alignment of chassis. we are sorry we were not able to meet you to compare notes on your Canada/Alaska tour. we are just back from 9 weeks to the Arctic Ocean.

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    stephen and sharon russell (Montag, 04 Oktober 2010 22:26)

    drstephen_russell@hotmail.com we saw your vehicle in cotco parking lot in bend, or. we drive a DAF with container..see our blogspot. my wife waited to talk with you. your trip looks like fun...we wish you the best. we just returned from inuvik. have a GREAT time!! your plans are terrific. go live life!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jason and Stephanie Weilnau (Montag, 04 Oktober 2010 06:57)

    My wife and I camped next to you in Talkeetna, Alaska in the white Toyota Tundra. We still take a look at your website once a week or so to see how your travels are. Looks like you both are enjoying the United States very much and having the time of your lives. Thanks for keeping a detailed website for us to look at and inspire us to plan our next over vacation overseas.

    Safe Travels,
    Jason and Stephanie

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    Andy Glanz (Montag, 04 Oktober 2010 05:32)

    I saw your camper in Bend Or. today! Your site is very nice and what a trip. Your vehicle is amazing! Travel safe and enjoy your adventure.


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    Nona Aikins (Samstag, 18 September 2010 06:48)

    We saw this spectacular RV when you were travelling through Smithers . Your story is very inspiring! Most enjoyable reading about your perspective of the sport of Rodeo and other 'interesting' aspects of your Canadian adventure. Travel safe,

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    Kimberly (Freitag, 17 September 2010 12:14)

    Such a informative site! If you have time please try to visit http://www.SojournVacationRentals.com for more travel destination

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    Todd Honeywell (Mittwoch, 15 September 2010 04:20)

    Thanks for stopping at Wallowa Lake, OR. My wife and I talked to you just as you were registering for a camp site. (Sorry nobody was working in the booth, budget cutbacks.) Anyway nice to visit. I really like your vehicle. Have safe travels.

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    Tony Vercoe (Freitag, 10 September 2010 08:00)

    I have been following your adventure - your trip through Yukon and BC bought back many wonderful memories for me.
    What a fantastic experience you are having! I wish I could join you but someone has to pay taxes!

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    Judy Babb & Paul Davis (Dienstag, 07 September 2010 19:35)

    We very much enjoyed meeting you at the Grouse Mountain campground overlooking Lake Chelan Your website is inspirational as is your journey. Best wishes and we will continue to follow your tracks....If you get to Spokane, give us a call!
    Judy & Paul

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    RobertWilliams (Montag, 06 September 2010 23:41)

    Saw your rig ou Shady by Devils Backbone we were scouting deer. Had to come on here to see what was up.Think I saw you beside the road on our way up now that i see your pics.yall have a good stay in manson I moved here 16 years ago never left this is gods country

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    Earl & Velma Tromburg (Montag, 06 September 2010 23:17)

    Sept.5th 2010
    We met you briefly when you stopped on top of Shady Pass between Chelan, Wa. & Entiat Valley. Your were getting ready to do a little hiking. I have enjoyed visiting your web site.

    Chelan, Wa.

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    Beau & Krista Johnston (Mittwoch, 11 August 2010 07:34)

    We stopped to take some pictures in front of your vehicle in Seward, AK. If your travels bring you through Idaho, give us a call! We are from the South East corner fo the state. We hope you enjoy your travel through North America!

    Beau & Krista Johnston

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    Jason and Stephanie Weilnau (Mittwoch, 11 August 2010 06:30)

    Rudi and Rita,
    It was a pleasure speaking to the both of you while at camp in Talkeetna,Alaska. Your travel adventure is something that my wife and I hope to someday experience for ourselves. We'll continue to follow your travels via internet to give us ideas for our future travels. Thank you for the tour of your "home" and we wish you safe travels.

    Jason and Stephanie
    (White Toyota Tundra)

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    Derek & Donna Aindow (Samstag, 24 Juli 2010 05:22)

    Sorry Rudi and Rita - forgot to give you our e-mail adress (aindow@shaw.ca). If you ever come back through Edmonton give us a call (780-406-9683) so we can show you some good Alberta hospitality. You are the first people we have ever met that are 'taking their time' to enjoy life and travels in a slow and relaxed manner. Enjoy everything that you see and do!

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    Derek & Donna Aindow (Samstag, 24 Juli 2010 05:15)

    It was very nice speaking to you on the side of the road in the Yukon while we were waiting for some construction. We stopped with our Bounder in Tagish overnight and then went to Skagway. On our way to Whitehorse we saw you parked beside the side of the road in just outside of Carcross by the sand dunes. Hope you are enjoying your trip and do not get anymore flat tires!! Enjoy the drive through the Richardson Mountains to Inuvik where I once lived.

    Derek & Donna Aindow,
    Edmonton, Alberta

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    Rick Grinnell (Donnerstag, 08 Juli 2010 16:32)

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet the two of you and we wish you all the best as you travel through life. What a beautiful experience it must be for you as you travel the various countries and learn new customs, languages and meet new friends.
    Again, all our best from the staff of Cars RV and Marine, Hinton Alberta.